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Helping build a strong and skilled workforce in renewable energy

Phillip Riley Projects is an accredited Group Training Organisation, helping connect employers, apprentices and trainees to support renewable projects today and in the future.

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How can we help?

Need help navigating your next apprenticeship or traineeship? Our experienced team can help you from the sourcing process right through to the completion of training.
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Apprentices & Trainees

Ready to dive into a career that you’ve been waiting for? We can help connect you with industry leaders for invaluable training and experience that goes towards your qualification.
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Considering hiring an apprentice or trainee? Let us help by providing talented, reliable and diverse candidates.

Delivering Productivity

We can ensure that our placements deliver productivity through a rigorous selection process coupled with ongoing management.


We understand the difference a determined, work-ready candidate can make to your organisation.


Our field officers are regularly in contact with host employers, apprentices and trainees to ensure that the goals and training plan are being met and that the requisite experience is being gained.

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About Us

PR Projects are a resourcing partner for leading renewable energy businesses across Australia and New Zealand, providing white and blue collar staffing and labour hire services to ensure the right people and team are in the right place, at the right time, to get your project completed safely, on time and to budget.

Whether you develop, deliver or manage complex projects and assets in the energy sector we can help!

Why Choose Us


Our experience in the Energy sector ensures we are aware of the skills and competencies required to deliver successful projects outcomes

Proven Results

We have a proven track record of delivering resourcing solutions across the Energy industry, regardless of the complexity of the employment


Our team partners with hiring companies in their workforce planning to discuss resourcing requirements for critical projects well in advance


Our network of affiliate partners across Australia enables our clients to also have access to leading service providers to solve any resourcing issue

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With offices throughout Australia and the globe, our team can help you navigate your apprenticeship or traineeship from start to finish.