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Recruiter : James O'Brien

Kia Ora, this is James, a Consultant hailing from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Commencing his professional journey in 2022, James took the lead in fostering the growth and advancement of a small startup Recruitment Consultancy situated in the East Coast Bays of Auckland. Subsequently, he relocated to Melbourne at the commencement of 2023.Prioritising transparent business practices and eliminating ambiguities are hallmarks of James's approach, ensuring that all parties involved can advance with assurance and confidence in his processes.With a sincere passion for interpersonal connections, James frequently engages in meaningful conversations about the journeys of others. Beyond his professional pursuits, he possesses a deep love for music and a keen appreciation for various artistic expressions. You may spot him at a live gig or perusing an art gallery around Melbourne.James welcomes greetings, so don't hesitate to approach and say "Kia Ora," "G'day," or simply "Hi."